Get to know our Brightening Powders

Get To Know Our Brightening Powders!

Sep 12, 2016

All of our powders are finely milled, gluten-free, paraben-free and made in the U.S.A. They are perfect for brightening skin, evening skin tone, setting makeup and controlling shine without build up. Wear them alone, over foundation or after your makeup is completely finished. Perfect for around the eyes to lighten dark circles and excellent for photographs! Choose your perfect powder:

Vanilla Powder: Soft powder with yellow tint to color correct redness and even skin tone. Perfect for light to medium skin with a subtle Vanilla scent.

French Vanilla: Soft powder with yellow tint to color correct redness and even skin tone. Perfect for medium and olive skin tones with a subtle Vanilla scent

Vanilla Chai: Soft powder with cocoa tint to help neutralize and even out skin tone. Perfect for medium to dark skin with a subtle Vanilla scent.

Vanilla Rose: Soft powder with slight pink tint to color correct green and blue tones in the skin. Perfect for light to medium skin tones with a subtle Rose scent.

Violet Powder: A translucent soft powder to color correct yellow and red skin. Extra perfect for under eye circles with a subtle Violet scent.
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Top 10 reasons to use Cake Mascara

Top 10 Reasons To Use Cake Mascara

Our Cake Mascara has been the talk of the beauty world for the last couple of months and we keep hearing the same question, “Why should I use Cake Mascara over regular mascara?”. Well, we have the answers!

Hygiene! This nifty mascara is the safest possible way to put mascara on your eyes. By not putting your applicator that has just touched your eyes back into a closed tube, you avoid bacteria build up! You also wash the applicator after use, which once again makes sure that anything bad doesn’t grow. The block of Cake Mascara also dries quickly after use as well and that means that it doesn’t stay moist, once again preventing bacteria from growing.

Luscious and long lashes! Because Cake Mascara doesn’t have to be kept as a paste in a tube, it doesn’t dry out or clump, making your lashes fabulously long. Also, Cake Mascara is wax based which makes it easier to grab your lashes and coat them creating a long and lovely lash!

Control! By having control in how you apply Cake Mascara, you can choose the darkness, thickness and amount that you apply to your lashes each time, compared to regular mascaras that often come out of the tube clumped or too thick etc.

Three products in one! Cake Mascara can be used for your brows, eyeliner AND lashes! Instead of buying three expensive products you get all three in one, cutting down the time your beauty routine takes AND the cost!

Excellent for sensitive eyes! Cake Mascara has a very low ingredient count unlike regular mascaras. You can be assured that Cake Mascara doesn’t contain any of the harmful ingredients that are often found in normal mascaras. Because of this it is perfect for sensitive skin and eyes. It also doesn’t make the eyes itch near the end of the day! It is Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Cruelty Free!

It lasts longer! Depending on how much you use, our Cake Mascara can last and last! Normal mascaras last 3-4 months but should be thrown out after 5-6 months. Cake Mascara has a long shelf life of about 2 years! Plus with a normal amount of use it can last about 5-6 months. Which definitely saves money in the long run!

Better for the environment! We do not use plastic for Cake Mascara and it lasts longer which is much better than tossing a tube out every couple of months Our Cake Mascara comes in biodegradable packaging with a reusable tin! Once you use up the tin you can re use it for anything! From mints to pocket change!

Glamour! Cake Mascara takes just a little practice in order to get used to the feel, but once you do it can be a very glamorous way to get ready for the day or an evening out. Women from Marlene to Marilyn used Cake Mascara and you can feel the history and elegance of the product when you apply it.

It can be applied to hair too! Roots peeking out? Grays making an appearance? Just cover it up with Cake Mascara! Hard to believe but mascara was first invented to be a mustache darkening and thickening agent for men called Mascaro which means it is still an excellent way to darken any hair!

It’s just plain cool! Applying in front of your friends and loved ones is the best part! Watch their eyes widen when you explain this awesome piece of history and all the benefits that go along with it! Plus it looks fab on a vanity! ;)
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Cake Mascara

Using our Cake Mascara is as easy as... well... CAKE! Slide box out and open wax paper to reveal your Black Cake Mascara. Open flaps on the side of the box to reveal your included applicator brush.

For glamorous long lashes just like Marilyn and Marlene, look no further than Cake Mascara! Formulated to coat each lash without clumping, this mascara is hygienic, smudge proof and excellent for sensitive yes. Use for brows and liner too

For Mascara: Wet your included applicator with a very small amount of water and rub it back and forth onto the cake until you make a soft paste (add more water to make the texture thinner if using for brows or eyeliner). Do not add more than one drop of water at a time. Too much water will dilute the product and give it a see-through consistency. Apply with the applicator included by brushing up on the lashes. Pause between coats for drying time and apply another coat as needed until you reach your desired length and fullness.

For Eyebrows: Use a slanted brush and dip into the cake mascara. Rub back-and-forth until the brush tip is fully coated. Apply to the brow in short strokes and finish by using a dry spool brush to brush through the brow.

For Eyeliner: Use a slightly thinner mixture of the cake mascara with a fine tip eyeliner brush. Dip into the cake and draw a line on the lid. To darken or thicken the line, wait a couple seconds for the first line to dry and then proceed to go over it with more strokes until you reach your desired darkness or thickness.

If you make a mistake, don't worry! Just use a damp cotton swab to remove the line and draw again. When dry, the Cake Mascara will not smudge but can easily be removed with soap and water. When finished using your mascara, wash all applicators and slide the mascara back into the box and it will dry naturally.

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1952 Wild Orchid

1952 Wild Orchid

Feb 09, 2017

Our newest shade is out now! 1952 Wild Orchid is a purple-red from the early fifties that was a very popular lip color for the time. Used in many high fashion ads such as Dior, it was a flattering color meant to draw attention to the lips in a brand new way. Pair it with pink or magenta nail polish, a rosy cheek and a simple eye to watch heads turn! This color also has a slight shimmer which looks incredible in photographs and video. It's long wearing, semi-matte, paraben free and cruelty free just like all our world famous lipsticks. Get ready to be admired......
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Violet Powder

We get a lot of questions about our Violet Brightening Powder! Here are the top questions and some helpful answers from our very own Besame Girl, Daniela!
Q: Why is the powder purple?
A: Our Violet Brightening Powder is a pale lavender shade because the color of lavender helps to cancel out any yellow or sallow tones in the skin. Giving the skin a healthy brightness!
Q: How do I use this powder?
A: You can use this finely milled powder to set your makeup, as a finishing step to your regular beauty routine. You can also use it on bare skin to absorb oil, brighten and color correct. It will also brighten the skin if used over your regular foundation. If you have trouble with dark circles under the eye, try setting your concealer with this product for a lovely highlight to cancel the darkness. Pat it on the desired area with the provided puff and then dust off the extra powder with a fluffy makeup brush.
Q: Does this product have a strong scent?
A: While Besame powders have a slight fragrance, we use only a very delicate scent. The initial perfume dissipates on the skin so as not to bother the wearer throughout the day.
Q: Is the powder Vegan?
A: Yes! All our powders are Vegan and Cruelty Free!
Q: Is this powder good for sensitive skin?
A: Yes, this powder is very gentle on the skin. The formula features vitamin C and a plant based squalene to soothe and hydrate the skin. It is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates for a safe and easy to use powder that will not irritate the skin.
Questions? Post a comment below and we will e-mail you back with an answer!
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