Violet Powder

We get a lot of questions about our Violet Brightening Powder! Here are the top questions and some helpful answers from our very own Besame Girl, Daniela!
Q: Why is the powder purple?
A: Our Violet Brightening Powder is a pale lavender shade because the color of lavender helps to cancel out any yellow or sallow tones in the skin. Giving the skin a healthy brightness!
Q: How do I use this powder?
A: You can use this finely milled powder to set your makeup, as a finishing step to your regular beauty routine. You can also use it on bare skin to absorb oil, brighten and color correct. It will also brighten the skin if used over your regular foundation. If you have trouble with dark circles under the eye, try setting your concealer with this product for a lovely highlight to cancel the darkness. Pat it on the desired area with the provided puff and then dust off the extra powder with a fluffy makeup brush.
Q: Does this product have a strong scent?
A: While Besame powders have a slight fragrance, we use only a very delicate scent. The initial perfume dissipates on the skin so as not to bother the wearer throughout the day.
Q: Is the powder Vegan?
A: Yes! All our powders are Vegan and Cruelty Free!
Q: Is this powder good for sensitive skin?
A: Yes, this powder is very gentle on the skin. The formula features vitamin C and a plant based squalene to soothe and hydrate the skin. It is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates for a safe and easy to use powder that will not irritate the skin.
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