1920 Cake Brown Mascara



Now available in beautiful Brown, perfect for lighter eyebrows or a softer more natural look for lashes and liner.

For glamorous lashes just like Marilyn, it may be time to try cake mascara. Besame Cake Mascara beautifies lashes and brows by making them appear longer, darker, and more luxuriant. It also works wonders as eyeliner.

We've all experienced the dreaded clumps and smudges while painting our lashes with wand mascara. Unlike ordinary wand mascara, cake mascara can be reapplied and layered upon without clumping; this means controlled depth and definition. Cake mascaras lasts until consumed and offer increased sanitary protection. The mascara brushes are rinsed with water after use; leaving no bacteria behind. Cake mascaras were the first type of mascara available for women to beautify the lashes; and they are still a must have staple for your beauty bag!

Now in reusable tin!

Please note this product DOES include one brush applicator, inside the tin.
Our Cake Mascara is meant to be used with many applicators for different effects, for use as mascara, eye liner and eye brow fill. We offer various full-sized applicators to use with our Cake Mascara that are sold separately.

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